Flamingo Champagne Glasses


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Shape: Pink flamingo bird stem
Color: Transparent
Material: High Quality Lead-free Crystal Glass

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Breakout this adorable wine glass when the weather gets warm and get ready to mingle! This flamingo champagne glass makes a unique gift. Spring a smile with every sip when you’re drinking from these fabulous flamingo glasses.

🍷 THE ORIGINAL FLAMINGO CHAMPAGNE GLASS WILL DEFINITELY MAKE YOU THE CENTER OF ATTENTION: Whether it is an evening in, wedding bridal shower or party. Be the standout with one from the many different designs that suits your personality best.

🍷 The Flamingo Champagne Glass: has quickly become a collector’s item. With new design champagne glasses, no one at your next party or event will have to have the same boring glass. They can have their own unique design.

🍷 Top Quality: The products use the high-grade silicon high-temperature green glass, which is processed by high temperature at 1800 °C, which can make your needs more beautiful, more comfortable, more assured, and will add more to your life. Rich and happy.

🍷 Safe and Healthy: Superb lead free crystal for outstanding clarity, upgrades a simple table to an upscale ambience.

🍷 Perfect Gift Choice: Give your loved ones the thoughtful gift of more joyful moments in their day to day life. Especially great for Super Moms and hard-working Dads! Exceptional gifts for every occasion.